We collect information as part of the operation of our Websites and services.

Gathering Information: In order to receive an estimate, schedule service, or complete services, Guaranteed Gutters Inc. will request potential client information, which may include: [legal] name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, method of payment, and, if applicable, credit card number. Guaranteed Gutters Inc. may request additional information necessary to establish and maintain customer’s account.


Some Website transactions may require Guaranteed Gutters Inc. to call the customer. Guaranteed Gutters Inc. reserves the right to contact you by any means provided in order to discuss items pertinent to your account and/or service. Customer should be aware that it is Guaranteed Gutters Inc. practice to monitor, and in some cases record such calls for staff training or quality assurance purposes.

Guaranteed Gutters Inc. reserves the right to obtain and use any information gathered for purposes in conjunction to the customer’s needs. In no way, shape or form will information be shared with sources outside of Guaranteed Gutters Inc.  

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