Gutter Guards

Whether you have small amounts of debris getting into your gutters and downspouts or whether you need to have your gutters cleaned once or 5 times a year, keeping up with the maintenance part of your home is imperative to the protection and preservation of your home gutter system.

If you forget to have them cleaned and water or ice builds up in them, there can be major consequences that occur.  The best solution on the market besides a gutter cleaning is installing gutter guards or covers. (Similar in use, different name.)

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In the early 1900’s gutter guards/covers were invented.  Gutter guards have gone through many different changes since the early 1900’s in order to keep up with certain types of trees and storms.  

Guards come in different shapes and sizes. The two main styles are solid guards and screens.  Guards can be made up of plastic, aluminum, steel, wire brush and in some cases, sponge like material.  Most gutter guards have failed the test of time. However, around the year 2000 an owner/inventor of a gutter installation and gutter guard company came up with the micro-mesh gutter guard.  Gutter guards are also a great protective measure from having to deal with costly gutter repairs.

Micro-mesh gutter guards take the lead on the market in performance based guards by far and has kept the lead ever since.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

  • Eliminates gutter and downspout cleanings

  • Prevents Water in Basement

  • Prevents Foundation Leaks

  • Prevents Ice Build-Up

  • Prevents Roof Leaks

  • Prevents Gutter and Downspout Repairs*

Cost Benefits of Gutter Guards

  • FREE gutter and downspout cleaning

  • FREE gutter maintenance service

  • FREE one year product inspection

  • Lifetime material warranty

  • Three year workmanship warranty

Popular Gutter Guards

Backed by research and professional experience, we are happy to manufacture and install two of our favorite Guards: Silver Diamond Gutter Guards and Black Diamond Gutter Guards

Silver Diamond Installation.jpg

Silver Diamond Gutter Guards

Being our most expensive guard, Silver Diamond plays a monumental role on our client’s home. Apart from the Life-time no clog warranty, our Silver Diamond gutter guards comes with, Silver Diamond is also most popular for clients that have Pine Trees surrounding their home. With a .04 Aluminum Expanded Metal Base, and a Mill Finished Silver Base with Stainless Micro Mesh Screening, our Silver Diamond guard is specially crafted to keep tiny pine needles out and water in, keeping your system cleaned and cleared.

Black Diamond Gutter Guards

Being our lesser expensive guard, Black Diamond also plays a monumental role on our client’s home. With a five-year no clog warranty, our Black Diamond gutter guards comes with, Black Diamond is most popular for clients that have Helicopter, Maple, Oak trees and more, surrounding their home. With a 22- gage steel base, and a Powder finish with Aluminum Coated Micro Mesh screening, our Black Diamond guards are specially crafted to keep leaves, seeds, animals and termites out and water in, keeping your system cleaned and cleared.

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Need help?

If you have any questions to help determine on how you can take care of your home's needs or would like to speak with one of our service specialists about our gutter guard products, and service, give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions to help educate you.