What Goes on During an Inspection. Part TWO.

Peter completing a FREE gutter inspection.

Peter completing a FREE gutter inspection.

While we can’t speak for every contractor, we can share what we at Guaranteed Gutters do. 

From completing free inspections to taking photos of problem areas, Because We Care, we aim to make your number one need, our number one priority, always aiming to go the extra mile. 

Although a few of the most common problems we come into contact with could have been avoided with a routine gutter and downspout cleaning, by the time we locate the problem area, a repair is needed.

Read on to learn how to spot common problem areas and repair them yourself!  

Missing Shingles

Guratanteed Gutters-missing-shingles-nail-popschicago-IL.jpg

Shingles is a word used for a group of elements that overlap one another in order to cover a roof and in most cases, these elements are installed using four or six nails for securing each element. With time, storms or even high winds, if not taken care of properly, these elements, also known as shingles, will come undone causing water to enter into the home. Our recommendation, replace missing shingles.

Exposed Wood

Guratanteed Gutters-exposed wood-animal opening-chicago-IL.jpg

While there can be a variety of different reasons as to why exposed wood can occur, one unknown reason for exposed wood are animals. Sometimes, with the right conditions, such as dirty gutters, animals can begin to make their home in gutter systems. When that happens, to get shade or even warmth, animals will then start to burrow into the gutter system and start to eat at the wood behind the gutters/roofline. With the new exposure, animals are then able to secure a new warm place to live, under your roof, behind your gutter system. To fix such problem areas, once you ensure all animals have been removed from the premises, close the openings where the animals can get in and spray the area with animal repellent to help prevent animals from returning to location.

Water Damage

Guratanteed Gutters-water damage-siding-chicago-IL-.jpg

This problem area can be the most damaging. Whenever water is unable to flow through and out the gutter system properly, the two most common locations water causes damage to are: the foundation and roofline/siding. Solution, routine gutter and downspout cleanings via our Maintenance Plans.

For more tips or comments regarding problem areas and how to locate / repair them, feel free to contact us at 773-685-9556.