Should you even get your Gutters and Downspouts Inspected?


Ever heard of “Out of sight, out of mind?” That’s usually the case with Gutters and Downspouts.

Like anything in life, if problems are not obvious, most times, they’re ignored!

Whether it’s going to the dentist or working out, most times, we’re not doing either of those items until it’s too late. Such as having a toothache or being forced to work out by your physician.

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In regards to your gutters and downspouts, waiting too long is bad news and the sooner you get things inspected the sooner you’re less likely to run into damaging problems such as insect infestations, hanging gutters, detached downspouts, missing shingles and more.

Simply put, the word inspection means, careful examination.

Whenever an inspection is taking place, the idea is that whomever is conducting the inspection, take their time. Here at Guaranteed Gutters, Because We Care, we aim to make every Customer’s need our number one priority.

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Specializing in bringing our Customer’s gutter and downspout systems up to par, our Team of professionals are trained and equipped to pinpoint problem areas concerning your gutter and downspout system. Once located, our Team then take photos of any area looking out of the ordinary and from there we are then able to educate our Customers regarding what is happening on their property. From taking photos of any problem areas to completing our 10 Step Property Protection Inspection while onsite, every inspection, and every home is important to us.

Because We Care, check out our 10 Step Property Protection Inspection checklist below to see first hand what we assess while on your property.

Our FREE “10 Step Property Protection Inspection” includes inspecting:

  • Gutter Support System

  • Slope Evaluation

  • Leak Control

  • Downspout Maintenance

  • Re-configuring Evaluation

  • Foundation Protection

  • Ice Prevention

  • Wood Preservation

  • Roof Preservation

  • Animal Control

And don’t forget, call the Professionals to learn more or schedule your Inspection today. 773.685.9556.   

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