It takes HOW much debris?


Did you know, whether it be from your own system or even your neighbors, it does NOT take much to clog a downspout- or a gutter for that matter.

So long as the placement is just right, any time debris falls in the gutters or downspouts of homes, clog formation is possible.

Whether from bird’s nest, tennis balls, soda cans, toy helicopter planes, clogged strainers or just a handful of debris, here at Guaranteed Gutters, we’ve seen all of these items clog a gutter system. Thankfully, a regularly scheduled cleaning can solve most water-related issues. 9/10 times when a clog is present, overflow occurs, causing your home to show signs that there is a clog someplace. And while gutter systems are built to withstand 650 gallons of weight for every 1,000 square feet present, it is not ideal that you allow your systems to go through such heavy carrying for long periods of time.

Solution? A routine gutter and downspout cleaning!

Though every home and every gutter system is different, from experience with studying homes, it is ideal to maintain your system at least twice a year, during the Spring and Fall.

Spring to get ready for the Spring rains and Fall to get ready for the cold winter as statistics show when routine gutter and downspout maintenance is ignored or pushed back, what was once a small task can easily turn into larger issues, such as animal infestation, mold etc.. So don’t ignore or push back your gutter maintenance today. When you schedule with us, your assessment is FREE. Schedule today.